International Day of Families 2016 for a Better & Sustainable Future

The International Day of Families (IDF) will be celebrated at the United Nations central station and around the globe on 15 May

The recognition will be co-cooperated by the Universal Peace Federation (UCF) to celebrate International Day of Families since it considers the family as an important aspect of world community and in light of the fact that sustainable peace is grounded in the family as the most personal social unit, the blend of adoration and peace.

 international-day-of-families-2016.jpg May 14, 2016 1 MB 1280 × 853 Edit Image Delete Permanently URL Title Family having picnic in park Caption

This year the International Day of Families 2016 will be seen with the topic, “Families, Healthy Lives and Sustainable Future” to advance consciousness of issues identifying with families and to expand learning of the social, financial and demographic procedures influencing families. Additionally, UN’s new advancement objectives have accentuated the need to prepare the world’s families for a better future ahead.

As indicated by an announcement by the UN organization ‘UPF International’, all the world’s religions instruct the sacred value of marriage and family. “The family is the institution of adoration. It is additionally the school of goodness, morals and citizenship,” it included.

“The attachment and strength of the family are essentials for a happy and stable community. On the other hand, the breakdown of the family adds to an extensive variety of social issues. By reinforcing the family, we can fabricate a more grounded base of social capital that will upgrade the general personal satisfaction for everybody,” included UPF.

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